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[Background Story]

"Its the 23 century and Earth is under attack. You are a member of the 101st Chaos Wing fighter group for the United Intergalactic Navy. You pilot the most advanced star fighter in the galaxy; the Phantom Z-36. Fly the Phantom, Kill the Aliens, Save the Earth."

This is going to be one of our first softwre projects. It is going to be a side scrolling style game created using DarkBASIC. This program allows us to make a game simple game very quickly. We plan to make all of our own sprites and art which will be posted here.

Interested in how the game is designed? Download the Phantom Shift Design Document.

Phantom Shift Design Document

[Development Log]

Mark has finished the graphics and we have both been working on the programming. I have put up the design document for download. Check it out if you are interested in how a game design concept is takeh from idea to finished product. I hope to have a brief demo available in the coming weeks.


[Development Log]

This has been on hold for a while now. I plan on picking it back up at somepoint and I still appreciate any feedback you all have.


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Phantom Shift the Game
Phantom Shift the Game
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