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LEGOs were our favorite toys as young kids. We loved the fact that you could build anything with them. One day we came up with the idea of encapsulating a computer inside a LEGO case. We got an old computer (The Motherboard is pre-ATX) and started to build. It took us a little over six hours to finish the entire project, we did it in one long night. The best parts were towards the end when we would realize we forgot a cord or something and we would have to completely rip the thing apart. The computer runs well (just ungodly slow) and we actually had it play Diablo for a few hours and go online. If you have any questions about this project shoot us an email or leave a forum post.

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LEGO Computer Back
LEGO Computer Front
LEGO Computer Front Side
LEGO Computer Full Side
LEGO Computer Panel
LEGO Computer Side
LEGO Computer Side Front
LEGO Computer Side Panel
LEGO Computer Top Center
LEGO Computer Top Tilt







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