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[Easy Abstract Images with the Glowing Edges Filter]

Create a new image using: File/New. I used the size 500x500 but depending on what your making this for the size I used might not work.

The next step is to go under Filters/ Render/ Clouds and play with the Clouds and Difference Clouds until you get something you like.

Once you get some clouds you like the next step is to go under Filter/ Stylize/ Find Edges and it should look like the above image. If the edges in the image are too light go under Image/ Adjustments/ Brightness/Contrast

This next step is kind of a filler before the final steps. Here you can go crazy and do whatever you want. Some of the filters I have used are Filter/ Artistic/ Neon Glow, Filter/ Pixelate/ Mosaic and here is Filter/ Texture/ Stained Glass. Again if your image is too light go under Image/ Adjustments/ Brightness/Contrast.

This is the step where you add some color. Any filter used to add color will work or you can skip this and add color later or not at all. Here I used Filter/ Artistic/ Neon Glow with an orange color. I have found that after the last step the image usually has the inverse of the color in this step, since I was going for blue in the final image I chose orange for here.

The last step is to use the almighty Filter/ Stylize/ Glowing Edges. If you followed this tutorial exactly then you should get something like the image above, if not maybe you got something like some of the other ones I have done below.

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