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[Futuristic Blur Tutorial]

Create a new image in Photoshop by using: File/New. My image is 400 x 400 pixels, the bigger the better. Make the background black and create a new text layer. You can be as creative as you want with this. I used BankGothic Medium font, but you can choose whatever font you want. It should look like the picture below.

Now we need to make three copies of this text layer and rasterize all of them. to do this right click the text layer and highlight Rasterize Layer. Now right click the newly rasterized layer and press Duplicate Layer. Do this until you have four text layers.

Now pick your bottom text layer and go to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur with the angle set to zero and the distance set to 40 pixels. Your image should look like the image below.

This part can be a little tricky. Highlight the next text layer up and select Edit/Transform/Rotate 90 CW . Once this is done do the blur steps again. The blur steps are; select Filter/Blur/Motion Blur. Now we want to twist the layer back to the original position. Go to Edit/Transform/Rotate 90 CCW . Re-position this layer if you need to, the image should look like the one below.

To finish this off select the top text layer. Ctrl-Click the layer to select it all then go to Select/ Modify/Contract and do it by 2 pixels. You may have to change this number so don't be afraid to try a few things. Fill the selected area with black. Then to add a finishing touch go to the second layer down (this layer has not been used yet) and go to Layer/Layer Style/Blending Options. Now click on Outer Glow and change the size to 90 pixels. Your finished image should look like the one below.

Any questions or comments leave them in the forum.

This tutorial was made using Adobe Photoshop 7. Feel free to use this tutorial however you wish, but please link back to us.

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