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[Background Story]

Frag Tag is a game type from a game on the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was the first system in my opinion to truly begin the multiplayer consoles. Now the game is on my top 5 of all time for this game type. This is the only game that got more multiplayer time than Goldeneye (a close second). Turok: Rage Wars. All multiplayer all the time, it gave birth to the first arena type games. It had a series of multiplayer maps where you simply had to do objectives versus bots to win each round. That was the single player; we are interested in the multiplayer. Frag Tag is a game type where 1 of the 4 players is transformed at the start of the game into a chicken, monkey, or lizard. They had no weapon and only 10 health. The point of the game for the chicken is to get to the waypoint that will turn him back to a normal player and chose another player at random to become the animal. For the normal players they try to kill the animal and thus get a “Tag” 10 tags wins. The normal players can frag each other, which just adds to the mayhem this game type possesses. We will be using the Unreal Engine to try to mimic this game type and create new maps and weapons to add variety to the game play, we are also going to look into the possibility of more than 4 players but the game mechanics will have to change.

[Development Log]

We started to design the first few levels on paper. There is plenty more to come.

-MasTequila (25-Jun-2004)

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