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[Cosmic Wallpaper Tutorial]

Create a new image in Photoshop by using: File/New. Make this image large because it is going to be a wallpaper; I used 2048x1536. To make a cosmic background we will use Filter/Render/ Clouds. If you are looking for a darker image you can use Filter/Render/ Difference Clouds. Below is my image with just normal clouds.

We are going to add some flavor to this, clouds are great base for many cool and interesting images. I am going to use Filter/Brush Strokes/Ink Outlines. You can play with this filter as much as you want, but I just used the default for the image below (it is tough to see because it is so small, just wait until we are finished).

So now we have a cool background and we can add whatever we want to it. I am going to color it and add some scan lines. To add color to the image we will use Image/Adjustments/Hue/Saturation. Be sure to click the colorize check box. Play around with the settings until you find a good combination, my image is below.

Now that you have a good background you can add some stuff like scan lines. Follow my scan line tutorial and add them if you want. Since this is for GameTruth I am going to add the GameTruth Logo. My final image is below, click on it to enlarge.

Any questions or comments leave them in the forum.

This tutorial was made using Adobe Photoshop 7. Feel free to use this tutorial however you wish, but please link back to us.

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